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Peer pressure could lead to underage drinking charges

As a parent, you undoubtedly worry a great deal about your child. Though you may have initially thought this worry would lessen over time, you may have only found yourself finding new scenarios to have concerns over. Even as your child reaches the later teenage or even college years, you may still feel apprehensive about the potential for finding him or her in a dangerous situation.

Three tests that can greatly impact your future

If you are driving along a Colorado highway and a police officer pulls you over, you may immediately feel a bit nervous. It seems to be an automatic reaction when red and blue lights flash in a rear view mirror. Just knowing that in a few moments a police officer is going to approach your vehicle may be enough to make you terribly anxious or even afraid. In many situations, an officer may simply issue you some type of warning and tell you that you are free to go.

What's in your child's mug may stir up trouble with the law

If you're the parent of a Colorado teenager (or one in any other state, for that matter) no one needs to tell you how challenging parenting can be. Today's youth face many decisions and situations that were nearly non-existent only a few decades ago. Along with advanced technology comes more independence. If you're like most parents, you probably teach your kids that more privilege also means more responsibility.


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