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How not to let a DUI charge ruin your college career

If there's one thing you don't want to do when attending college in Colorado, it's get arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Sure, you may need to relax and enjoy time with your friends to help de-stress after all your studying and hard work, but being charged with DUI would obviously be counterproductive and may possibly ruin your college life.

Risk of immediate negative consequences

If you are one of the many students who end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, or suffer a momentary lapse in judgment after imbibing a few cold ones with friends, you may be at risk for being pulled over on suspicion of DUI. Such circumstances may have one or more of the following negative repercussions:

  • You could get arrested.
  • Authorities will most likely report your DUI charges to your school administrators.
  • You might lose scholarship funding and/or housing privileges.
  • You may jeopardize the opportunity to pursue your chosen degree.
  • You might suffer expulsion.
  • You could wind up in jail.

Your best bet to avert these and other negative consequences of DUI may be to avoid drinking and driving altogether. If you do plan on consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel, you will want to be aware of your own limitations by knowing how much alcohol you can typically safely consume before driving a car.

What if you've already been charged?

The above ideas can help you make informed decisions before heading out on the town, but what can you do after the fact, if you've already been arrested or charged for DUI? The short answer is, plenty! For starters, you can do one or more of the following:

Pay attention: Police officers must follow strict protocol as to what they may do and say during any search, seizure or arrest. Recalling as much as you can about the process as it unfolds may be of benefit to you later, especially if you believe the officers violated your personal rights.

Think before you speak: It is true that anything you say can later be used to incriminate you in court; therefore, it is typically best to choose your words carefully in all interactions with law enforcement agents and court officials.

Seek outside support: You have the right to request immediate assistance from a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney who can remain by your side and advocate on your behalf to minimize the potential negative effects the situation may have on your future.

Getting charged for DUI in college is obviously no laughing matter. But, it doesn't have to ruin your life. Knowing where to turn for help when facing difficult circumstances is half the battle. By acting alongside experienced guidance, you can take steps toward overcoming present obstacles and moving on toward the successful future of your dreams.

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