Protecting Students After Drinking-Related Offenses

In Colorado, individuals under the age of 21 can face minor in possession charges if they possess or consume alcohol or marijuana. Individuals can also face drunk driving charges if they were operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Minor in possession and DUI charges can significantly impact a person's future. They can limit your chances of getting into college, receiving financial aid or finding a job. They can also affect your driving privileges for many years. A strong legal defense can go a long way toward protecting your future.

At my Boulder, Colorado, law firm, I leverage more than 15 years of experience to advocate for individuals facing charges related to underage drinking. I can help you understand your rights and navigate through the criminal justice system in Colorado.

Protecting The Interests Of College Students

I represent individuals arrested for underage drinking and related offenses, including students at the University of Colorado Boulder and Naropa University, as well as Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Many of my clients were involved in partying typical to college life when they happened to get caught and charged.

While marijuana is legal in Colorado, many college students still get in trouble because the law requires that they be 21 to partake. My practice defends people who have been caught smoking marijuana or in the possession of marijuana or paraphernalia. They need a lawyer's help to make sure that the charges do not interfere with their future goals.

Capable Handling Of Judicial Affairs Hearings

When college students are charged with crimes, colleges usually implement their own independent proceedings as well. The proceedings happen quickly, and students can often find themselves being expelled or otherwise penalized before they have time to realize the full extent of the consequences they face.

In addition to handling criminal charges, I represent students at judicial affairs hearings related to student conduct. I can guide them through these disciplinary hearings so that they know how to handle themselves and protect their rights.

Many people do not realize that they have a right to an attorney, but it's true: Seeking legal counsel can help you protect your future when criminal charges lead to judicial affairs hearings.

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