Extensive Experience In Criminal Defense Representation

I use more than 15 years of experience to effectively resolve all aspects of traffic, misdemeanor and felony cases in Colorado state courts. I have handled serious and life-changing matters for my clients, including felony sexual assaults, violent crimes, white collar crimes and cases involving organized crime rings.

In these complex matters, criminal charges are sometimes only part of the problem. I tackle the whole problem by resolving related civil and administrative matters, including protection orders, judicial affairs hearings, matters affecting driver's licenses and appeals.

A portion of my career has focused on representing juvenile offenders. I have in-depth knowledge of the juvenile justice system. I know the unique procedures that apply to these offenses, as well as the unique options available to juvenile offenders.

Because I have practiced extensively in juvenile court, I have also come to know the professionals involved in these often-complex cases. I can effectively counsel my clients regarding how to approach interactions with various professionals and agencies.

A Former Prosecutor, As Well As An Experienced Defense Attorney

I began my career as a prosecutor for the Boulder County district attorney's office. My years on the other side of the courtroom give me a unique perspective on case strategies in your defense.

I know the challenges that prosecutors face and the pressures that influence them. I am familiar with the likely outcomes of criminal cases, and I understand the most effective strategies for achieving favorable outcomes. I use this in-depth understanding to achieve the best possible results for my criminal defense clients.

Free And Confidential Consultations Offered

Each case is unique. The best way to understand and protect all of your rights is to talk directly with a lawyer. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your case by calling 720-443-5875 or contact me online. Se habla español.